If you use a gimmicked Sharpie in your performance then the Ultimate Sharpie Holder will help you stream line your use of that gimmick.


If you use any of the following gimmicks then the Ultimate Sharpie Holder is the perfect utility item for

you -


Double Cross - Mark Southworth


Super Sharpie - Magic Smith


Mental Pen - Joao Miranda


Fall - Banachek


Coinvexed - David Penn


(plus many more)


Check out our video below to hear about all the features of the Ultimate Sharpie Holder.

"This is bloody brilliant! I cannot believe we got by without this"

- Richard Jones (Britains Got Talent Winner)

"A MUST HAVE for strolling! I received mine today and LOVE IT" - Jared DuBois

Eliminates the black putty or 'sticky stuff' getting on other items in your pocket. Simple to load and unload your gimmick and ready to go whenever you need it during your performance.


Designed to keep the performers movements as natural as possible when accessing their gimmick.


Ultra stong and lightweight - designed to last.



Each holder is fitted with a Friction Strip which prevents the Sharpie from sliding out of the holder if the performer leans forwards.


Each holder also comes with extra strips to make it adaptable for many other pen gimmicks.

Available from many leading Magic suppliers -



For enquiries please email info@matt-g.co.uk


Please note prices may vary depending on retailer.

Alternative retailers can be found at the bottom of this page.

1 x Holder. Includes worldwide shipping.

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